Each Paramount performance is a labor of love, and volunteers keep the show going! All are invited to share in the excitement of the performing arts by becoming a volunteer.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering at The Paramount — business people to seniors — is encouraged to become involved. The Paramount can use your help with a variety of volunteer opportunities, such as ushering, serving on committees, helping with artist hospitality, and assisting with mailings.


December 2016: John Lockney
November 2016: Bunny Sheppard
October 2016: Mary Ann Dawson
September 2016: Linda Lester
July 2016: Elaine Chapman
June 2016: Don Brady
May 2016: Cynthia Chase
April 2016: Mary Ann Dawson
March 2016: Gene and Evelyn Haney
February 2016: Marti Lupinetti
January 2016: Jillian McCollum

December 2015: Carolyn Marckel
November 2015: Bunny Sheppard
October 2015: Mary Ann Dawson
September 2015: Linda Lester
August 2015: Mercy Baranowski
July 2015: Jenn Dungan
June 2015: Judy Schultz
May 2015: Delores Herring
April 2015: Barbara Boyd
March 2015: Honnor Dorsey
February 2015: Bobbie and Bob Fulton
January 2015: Bonnie Samuel

December 2014: Susan Marcell
November 2014: Bunny Sheppard
October 2014: Van Cockcroft
September 2014: Helen and Tommy Saul
August 2014: John Lockney
July 2014: Dick and Pat Faris
June 2014: Jean Turrentine
May 2014: Delores Herring
April 2014: Pam Bartlett
March 2014: Carol Sacks
February 2014: Barbara Boyd
January 2014: Dena Lawton

December 2013: Susan Marcell
November 2013: Anna Tatar
October 2013: Debbie Howe
September 2013: John and Theresa Metz
August 2013: Lynn Pribus
July 2013: Dick and Pat Faris
June 2013: Bonnie Samuel


2014 Volunteer of the Year: Linda Lester
2013 Volunteer of the Year: Debbie Howe
2012 Volunteers of the Year: Gene and Evelyn Haney
2011 Volunteers of the Year: Pamela Bartlett and Judy Schultz


Stay connected with the theater and fellow volunteers!  Check out our Monthly Volunteer Newsletters – links below:

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Sign up to Volunteer!

Print out application-for-volunteer-service-updated-9-19-14. You will need Adobe Reader to view this file.

Once completed, please submit your application in person, via email, or mail to The Paramount at 215 East Main Street. If you have questions, please call 434.293.1012 or email Jim Kuznar at jimkuznar@theparamount.net.