Each year the Arts Education Program serves approximately 15,000 students and provides financial assistance to more than 5,000 youth. Each performance season is aligned with an average of 250 locally taught SOL objectives.

During the 2015-16 season, 167 participating local teachers completed a survey providing feedback on the level of academic enrichment our program provides, stating the following:

  • 93% of teachers said the performances complemented their curriculum and broadened student understanding
  • 95% reported some level of of improvement in students’ mastery of SOL objectives
  • 96% said the performance met their overall expectations


Arts Education Program Mission

The mission of the Paramount Theater Education Program is to foster appreciation, understanding, and love of the performing arts.


In The Community

Through partnerships with schools, the program serves students and teachers throughout Central Virginia through live educational performances, artist workshops, master classes, enrichment sessions, and study guides for classroom integration. Arts-integrated instruction has been proven to engage students and increase learning and achievement.  The program integrates art and non-art subjects in tandem through performances that are correlated with required Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) objectives and coupled with enrichment activities such as master classes, question/answer sessions, study guides, and more to strengthen student understanding.

“This invaluable partnership continues to make lasting impacts in the lives of our students. Students learn how to be an appreciative audience and to love this community ‘gem’. The Paramount is certainly part of the fabric of our community and its future citizens.”

Aaron Eichorst, Fine Arts Coordinator, Charlottesville City Public Schools

“As my students have special needs, the community aspect of the environment was most valuable within the educational experience. The children were learning how to practice safe habits for being out in the community, as well as how to sit and attend to a performance in a public venue. Language and vocabulary were enhanced through the performance experience, as well as the processing we did after the experience.” 

Pre-K Teacher, Hollymead Elementary